Big Time Gaming Launched Dragon Born Mobile Slot

February 28, 2016 Posted in New Games by No Comments

dragon-born-slot-logoGet ready to fill the armor-clad shoes of a valiant knight tasked with defending his master’s kingdom from an evil threat, a dragon and a mysterious sorceress, in Dragon Born, Big Time Gaming’s newest title.

This fantasy adventure-themed game is remarkable mostly because of the innovative Megaways system. Instead of the tried and true 5×3 set of reels so common in video slots, Megaways features a 6×7 set of reels, and this system gives players a staggering amount of ways to win: 117,648.

What We Love

Visually, the game is quite good. Reel symbols are in line with theme, featuring designs like the King, the Queen, the Prince, the lost crown jewels, the purple sorceress, and the fierce dragon himself. The overall theme and aesthetics maintain a cheerful atmosphere without looking outright childish, a feat rarely accomplished in video slot design, dare I say.

As in all video slot games, the visuals are only really a hook to get players in, but what really makes them stay is the gameplay they actually find once they’re investing their time. Dragon Born manages to provide a good gameplay experience with its special features.

The one we like the most is the REEL wild symbol. Wilds are a staple of video slots, letting players complete combinations they’d otherwise not get, or improving existing ones. In Dragon Born, however, wilds are a lot wilder.

dragon born slot screenshotr

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Here, wild symbols can occupy the entire reel theyre on, making ti possible to complete large amounts of combinations. Moreover, wild symbols may also have a number on them. This number is a multiplier, increasing your gains X times whenever it appears on your wilds. That feature will surely keep players coming back every time.

The other feature we like is the diamond scatter symbols. Regular scatter symbols are no mystery: get combinations with them, get free spins. Repeat ad nauseam. In Dragon Born, scatter symbols work just like that, except that during free spin mode, every new scatter symbol on the reels will give the player another free spin. A great way to constantly improve your chances of landing that big win.

What We Do Not Like

The game is good, rock solid. However, we do believe that there is room for improvement in everything, and Dragon Born is not the exception. Using more original symbols wouldn’t have been bad at all.

Relying on traditional reel symbols (9, 10, J, Q, K) is a missed opportunity to craft visuals fully in line with the chosen theme, like items, or more characters that fit in the lore (A white wizard, perhaps?).

Megaways is a truly fantastic idea, one we are wholeheartedly behind. However, we do feel that Megaways could have been complimented in a much better fashion with special features that used Megaways with plenty more synergy.

Worth Playing?

Big Time Gaming has definitely improved, learning from previous mistakes. A recent title that was less than stellar comes to mind, one called Gold. This was a game with poor design (below industry standards), uninteresting special features, and a fairly conventional 5×3 set of reels. In short, uninnovative and poorly executed.

This, fortunately, is not the case for Dragon Born. The visual design is of a good quality, the gameplay is solid, with great features that are familiar enough as to not alienate old players, but new enough to keep it exciting and fresh.

If Big Time Gaming continues this trend of improving on their past releases’ experience, they will surely be crafting out amazing titles in the short-to-mid term. Let’s really hope that trend continues.

If you seek something new, but still well grounded in the video slots traditional elements, this game is definitely for you.

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