Bally Launched Titanic Mobile Slot

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titanic slot logoIn the history of mankind there has been several powerful love stories in differents ages and ways of how they have been shown to the public. We have some good stories in literary, theater, real life, spotlight and cinema, just to name a few.

In cinema one of the most important ones is the love story behind James Cameron’s Titanic. Some people dare to compare the affair between Jack and Rose to the same level as Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. This is a debate I’m not going to participate, the sole thing I’m going to say is that is one of the most important ones in the last 40 years.

This movie was released in 1997 and won eleven academy awards in 1998, being the most awarded movie in an Oscar’s show to date. Merit that shares with William Wyler’s Ben Hur and Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Kings.

And also this story has been chosen by Bally Technologies to be part of their portfolio in an ambitious strategy to deliver two slots based on this film. Firstly, the physical slot in Las Vegas was delivered in September of last year gaining a lot of success and secondly an online slot machine that hasn’t been released yet but there a lot of things to be eager about.

Bally Technologies is a company that can take the responsibility of bringing a public acclaimed film into the world of slot machines, being one of the most experienced companies in terms of design and manufacturing of slots. The success behind the physical version gives a clear hint that they will succeed in making this online slot.

What We Love

Even though we don’t have a clear idea of how this game is going to be played we can assume that it will have several things in common with the physical version. The sole fact that they’re using a movie that sold over a billion dollars in box office is a clear sign of success.

The theme is outstanding in many ways, but the most impressive part of the physical version is the Mystery Feature where they show a quick part of the scene where Jack draws a portrait of Rose (if you ask me this part is one of the most important ones in the movie, this is where the love between them starts to blossom).

titanic slot screenshot big

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After the scene you will get a class ticket on the ship, depending on your betting amount. The higher you bet will grant you a higher class. The 3rd class ticket grants you a mystery round, the 2nd class two mystery rounds and the 1st one three. These are the chances to earn colossal progressive jackpots. And we all love money, this is the reason why we are here.

What We Don’t Love

The fact that we don’t have a clue if the game is going to be exactly as the physical version or if they’re going to enhance its features with something. The impatience is killing me.

Worth Playing?

Of course, Bally Technologies did a fantastic job in the physical version and they have our faith to reproduce a good job in the online version. It has the perfect trifecta: Incredible layout and visual design, great playability and massive earnings with those progressive jackpots.

This is a game that can set apart the competition and become the game of the year. It has been a fantastic job so far and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I’ll do. The movie is part of our contemporary and it deserves a good representation of it.

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