100BestMobileCasinos.com Privacy Policy

Protecting the privacy is of its users is one of the highest priorities of 100BestMobileCasinos.com, here and henceforth known as ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’, or ‘website’. Please review this Privacy Policy document properly as it explains how we collect and use information about our users, here and henceforth known ‘you’, ‘your’, or ‘user(s)’.

Personal and Non-Personal Information

The information collected by 100BestMobileCasinos.com is either personal or non-personal information. This section defines these two kinds of information and explains how we collect and use the information.

Definition, Collection & Use of Personal Information

Any data that can be used to identify you is considered personal information, we do not collect any personal information . Your name, bank details and phone number are all examples of personal information.

Definition, Collection & Use of Non-Personal Information

Non-personal information is largely technical data related to how you use our website. E.g. what browser you are using and which pages you visit at 100BestMobileCasinos.com.

We collect this information automatically when you visit and our website. Computer files known as cookies are used to capture this non-personal data. You can disable or erase these files through your browser configuration but then you might not be able to access certain features or services of our website.

We analyze non-personal information to understand how people use our website, and how we can improve their experience and the services we offer. The data is always used collectively, and cannot be used to personally identify any user.

Information Security

At 100BestMobileCasinos.com we try our best to maintain a safe and secure platform. . However, due to the nature of the internet it is not possible to guarantee a 100% secure website/service. As such, we cannot be considered liable or responsible for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused by a security failure at 100BestMobileCasinos.com or its related assets/resources.

Information Sharing

100BestMobileCasinos.com does not share your information to other parties EXCEPT when it’s necessary for fulfilling the purpose of that information as outlined earlier in this document. Moreover, we may also share information if a court of law orders us to share the information as part of a legal process. At any rate, we do not sell, rent out or otherwise share your personal information to marketers. The only marketing parties with which we share your contact details are our partners who send you emails ONLY IF you signed up for our emails/newsletter etc.

Links to 3rd Party Websites

You might find links to 3rd party websites in the form of hyperlinks, images, adverts or any combination of these. It is strongly recommended that you read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of these websites since they do not come under the jurisdiction of 100BestMobileCasinos.com Privacy Policy. If you follow such links and visit these sites, you do so at your responsibility and agree not to hold us liable or responsible for any harm or botheration caused by visiting such websites or using their services/products.

Children’s online protection

You may only use 100BestMobileCasinos.com if you are over 18 years old, Safety of children on the internet is a very serious issue and considered as such by 100BestMobileCasinos.com. Our website and all our activities comply with the children’s online privacy protection act. We make sure that our website is not in any way specifically attractive for children who are younger than 18 years.

Modifications to this Privacy Policy

100BestMobileCasinos.com can modify this privacy policy at any time without prior notice. It is the users’ responsibility to be familiar with the latest iteration of this privacy policy; we will not be responsible for any confusion or negative consequences arising out of your inability to keep track of the medications to the content of this document.

By using 100BestMobileCasinos.com you are showing your agreement to this privacy policy. If you do not agree to this privacy policy, or any part of this policy, you are not authorized to use this website.

Talk to Us

Please feel free to contact us at admin @100BestMobileCasinos.com regarding any issues, concerns or feedback about this privacy policy.

This Privacy Policy was last modified on September 6, 2015.